Fall All Star Classic

Congratulations to the Bob Gebel led National League for their dramatic come-from-behind 12-11 nail biting win on Monday night October 1st.
The Alan Finchley led Americans jumped to an early 7-0 lead but the Nationals stormed back and led 12-7 going into the bottom of the 9th.
The Americans counter-rally fell one run short and the game ended with the bases loaded.
Manager Alan Finchley                                     Angels
Assistant Manager Jack Bassey                       Giants
Assistant Manager Frank (Cha Cha) Cecere    Yankees


Bob D'Angelo          Giants       

John Davidson        Giants

Vinny Troiano         Giants  

Sam Quaglierini      Giants   

Paul Buckley            Angels

Barry Greenberg     Angels

Alan Finchley           Angels

Dino Corette            Angels

Charlie Higgens       Orioles

Joe Maldanado       Orioles

Joe O’Shea               Orioles

Bob Umstadt           Orioles

Jerry Salata              Yankees

Jack Pepitone          Yankees

Frank Cecere           Yankees  

Al Bonfardino          Yankees


Manager Bob Gebel                         Red Sox

Assistant Manager Joe Ditaranto     Tigers

Assistant Manager  Peter Dill           Dodgers


Sonny Troccoli          Red Sox

IIrv Goldbaum            Red Sox

Austin McCann          Red Sox

Larry Modaferri          Red Sox

Sonny Panico            Mets

Mike Barbara             Mets

Nick Clarelli                Mets

Joe Rondinelli             Mets

Bo Tortora                  Tigers

Skip Pace                   Tigers

Marv Sussman           Tigers

Fred Wertz                  Tigers

Rich Blachman            Dodgers

Tom Pagnozzi             Dodgers

Bob Savino                  Dodgers

Tony Vivona                 Dodgers